Biyernes, Mayo 25, 2012

Summer Fashion Essentials

We’re all a bit older and smarter and know how to make wiser decisions with our money today especially when it comes to fashion style. For summer fashion budget, we came up some great summer essentials to get you by this summer season instead of spending all your cash on a single item. To help you make these smart purchases, I’ve collected a broad list of must-haves which includes a stylish tote bag, a summer hat and a hot bikini.

Bring an expensive designer handbag to the beach is just not practical. If you are beach bound this summer, choose a tote in a casual, durable fabric and guarantee that it’s big enough to hold your towel, sunscreen and other beach necessities.

When the season gets hotter, we are likely to avoid fussy ensembles in favor of easy to assemble summer wears. That said, one of our awesome styling tricks is adding up one daring accent to a minimalist appearance to take it from dull to stellar look. This simple summer necklace is perfectly ideal for the summer when getting in style.

Stretching out in the summer sun may be the greatest luxury but absolutely comes with a price which is sunburns so you definitely need something to shield your face from the sun’s nasty harmful rays and a stylish wide brim hat is perfectly ideal. You can wear this stylish summer hat with almost anything form floral clothes to denim cut offs for the fashionable summer look.

One thing that is absolutely a great match with summer fashion is a pair of flat sandals and for a great reason! They’re comfortable, an easy wear and are ideal for the beach or the boardwalk. Still, that doesn’t mean you should stick on the usual flip flops so I advice for a simple yet sophisticated leather sandals. It would go perfectly with a floaty summer dress and make for a fashionable summer ensemble.

It’s obvious that this season is all about daring colors, so why not justify this trend via your swim outfit. If you’re still looking for a fabulous bright swim suit, you can’t just go wrong with a daring green suit.

The tan frames are definitely a great change from our adored tortoise shell and black sunnies. Plus, the cat eye style provides a stylish retro feel that will absolutely spark up any outfit.