Biyernes, Mayo 25, 2012

Summer Fashion Essentials

We’re all a bit older and smarter and know how to make wiser decisions with our money today especially when it comes to fashion style. For summer fashion budget, we came up some great summer essentials to get you by this summer season instead of spending all your cash on a single item. To help you make these smart purchases, I’ve collected a broad list of must-haves which includes a stylish tote bag, a summer hat and a hot bikini.

Bring an expensive designer handbag to the beach is just not practical. If you are beach bound this summer, choose a tote in a casual, durable fabric and guarantee that it’s big enough to hold your towel, sunscreen and other beach necessities.

When the season gets hotter, we are likely to avoid fussy ensembles in favor of easy to assemble summer wears. That said, one of our awesome styling tricks is adding up one daring accent to a minimalist appearance to take it from dull to stellar look. This simple summer necklace is perfectly ideal for the summer when getting in style.

Stretching out in the summer sun may be the greatest luxury but absolutely comes with a price which is sunburns so you definitely need something to shield your face from the sun’s nasty harmful rays and a stylish wide brim hat is perfectly ideal. You can wear this stylish summer hat with almost anything form floral clothes to denim cut offs for the fashionable summer look.

One thing that is absolutely a great match with summer fashion is a pair of flat sandals and for a great reason! They’re comfortable, an easy wear and are ideal for the beach or the boardwalk. Still, that doesn’t mean you should stick on the usual flip flops so I advice for a simple yet sophisticated leather sandals. It would go perfectly with a floaty summer dress and make for a fashionable summer ensemble.

It’s obvious that this season is all about daring colors, so why not justify this trend via your swim outfit. If you’re still looking for a fabulous bright swim suit, you can’t just go wrong with a daring green suit.

The tan frames are definitely a great change from our adored tortoise shell and black sunnies. Plus, the cat eye style provides a stylish retro feel that will absolutely spark up any outfit.

Biyernes, Agosto 5, 2011

Alluring Birthday Gifts!

It’s been 3 weeks that I was not able to post anything on my blog, and as I come back I wanted to share with you a special day in my life-of course it’s still related to fashion. :)
I’ve read plentiful online tutorials about how to create a gift bag, I’ve seen many images of beautiful birthday cards that's why I felt so excited when my birthday presents was given to me.
Here are some of their snapshots:

This card is given to me by my best friend; I love the simplicity of the red dress!

This second card was given to me by a friend of mine also, it’s plain white and black that’s why it rocks!

Here’s a snapshot of a designed paper bag. I’ve decided to get an image of it because it’s relevant to fashion! What can you say about that?

It's a simple yet, happy day. How about you? How do you celebrate your birthday? I'd be glad to hear and read from you my dear readers! xoxo

Martes, Hunyo 7, 2011

Shoes Mania - Invasion

Jildor Shoes is a well-known shoe store that you should not miss. They never failed to provide the nation with the best women's shoes and many more. And this year they are celebrating their 62nd year anniversary. I was their fan since I was in grade school that’s why this time I was eager to collect their items. Unfortunately I cannot afford them so these are what I got:

I really felt upset knowing that I can't collect my desired lady stiletto's but having this toy collection makes me feel fine. Besides, I already have a great collection of prom suits and tan suits which already makes me feel contented.

They are really cute, aren't they?? :-)

Biyernes, Hunyo 3, 2011

Fashion Update

It’s been a month that I haven’t posted something on my blog that’s why I’m here today with lots of stuff to share to you. As I visit yahoo news, the trending topic was Justin Beiber, saying that he introduced her girlfriend to her family. I was also curious about the topic but I guess I’ll be more interested if they’ve posted something about FASHION (coz it’s my all time favorite)! X_X
What I’m up to now are the blogs that I’m currently following: of course they are related to fashion. ;)


- Discussed everything about cufflinks for men and dresses for women’s apparel.


- Telling that they’ve put up something new on their blog. Honestly I’m quite bored because they’ve posted less images. LOL=))


- Who have stories untold, but most recently I’ve noticed that she/he’s onto street people’s designs. I love the images though I guess her photographs are the best.

I'm really enjoying following them but right now I'm searching for blogs related to prom suits and fathers day clothing (because fathers day is vastly approaching & Spring Summer already began).

Lunes, Marso 14, 2011

Beiber's Grammy 2011 Get-Up

This year’s Grammy award was filled with excitement when it comes to those fashion addicts and enthusiasts. Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Alicia Keys and other nominees and guests dressed up amazingly with unique and individual designs. The night was overflowing with many intermission numbers but one number could be remembered by the guests at the end of the night, it was Justin Beibers’ special number with Jayden Smith.

To give you an idea of what Justin wore for the award’s night here’s some of his pictures.

This picture was during his performance, wearing black jacket and pants really fits his pale skin tone.

This white tuxedo made him more handsome, his fashion designer really knows a lot when it comes to fashion suits for men.

Lunes, Marso 7, 2011

Stella McCartney: Leading the British and Paris Fashion Week

Our scoop: Who is Stella?
Born in London and being the appointed Creative Director of Chloe in Paris, Stella did her best to enjoy this time of her life. After showcasing her talent for being a tailor and a sexy designer, she finally launched her eponymous fashion house through the help of Gucci Group in year 2001.
At present she is now operating 13 fashion stores. After years of staying in the world of fashion, she sure had contributed too much. As a matter of fact, she led this year’s British and Fashion week. Fans are hoping that someday, she would be able to design cheap suits also because as what they observe, Stella is fond of designing only women's apparel.
Here are some of Stella’s designs. Enjoy!