Lunes, Marso 7, 2011

Stella McCartney: Leading the British and Paris Fashion Week

Our scoop: Who is Stella?
Born in London and being the appointed Creative Director of Chloe in Paris, Stella did her best to enjoy this time of her life. After showcasing her talent for being a tailor and a sexy designer, she finally launched her eponymous fashion house through the help of Gucci Group in year 2001.
At present she is now operating 13 fashion stores. After years of staying in the world of fashion, she sure had contributed too much. As a matter of fact, she led this year’s British and Fashion week. Fans are hoping that someday, she would be able to design cheap suits also because as what they observe, Stella is fond of designing only women's apparel.
Here are some of Stella’s designs. Enjoy! 

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