Martes, Hunyo 7, 2011

Shoes Mania - Invasion

Jildor Shoes is a well-known shoe store that you should not miss. They never failed to provide the nation with the best women's shoes and many more. And this year they are celebrating their 62nd year anniversary. I was their fan since I was in grade school that’s why this time I was eager to collect their items. Unfortunately I cannot afford them so these are what I got:

I really felt upset knowing that I can't collect my desired lady stiletto's but having this toy collection makes me feel fine. Besides, I already have a great collection of prom suits and tan suits which already makes me feel contented.

They are really cute, aren't they?? :-)

Biyernes, Hunyo 3, 2011

Fashion Update

It’s been a month that I haven’t posted something on my blog that’s why I’m here today with lots of stuff to share to you. As I visit yahoo news, the trending topic was Justin Beiber, saying that he introduced her girlfriend to her family. I was also curious about the topic but I guess I’ll be more interested if they’ve posted something about FASHION (coz it’s my all time favorite)! X_X
What I’m up to now are the blogs that I’m currently following: of course they are related to fashion. ;)


- Discussed everything about cufflinks for men and dresses for women’s apparel.


- Telling that they’ve put up something new on their blog. Honestly I’m quite bored because they’ve posted less images. LOL=))


- Who have stories untold, but most recently I’ve noticed that she/he’s onto street people’s designs. I love the images though I guess her photographs are the best.

I'm really enjoying following them but right now I'm searching for blogs related to prom suits and fathers day clothing (because fathers day is vastly approaching & Spring Summer already began).